Wayfinding Concepts

Strategic wayfinding is essentially about offering you the right information in the right place at the right time.

Reducing stress and complexity.

It is about reducing stress and complexity, not about adding signs and information. It is about working with the environment rather than against it.

During the planning and build phases of a project, a correctly conceived wayfinding strategy will not only aid the most efficient movement of all users in and around the space. It will also serve to rationalise the number of signs and information points required. Thus, reducing the materials and hardware costs substantially. While at the same time controlling complexity and visual noise known to impede navigation and increase stress.

Less is More!

As a sign manufacturer with consultancy as part of the service we will look at ‘pure’ wayfinding where we can adapt products to meet individual needs. We are free to deliver a solution true to the first rule of wayfinding- ‘The least signs are the best solution’.

Our specialist skills and techniques enable us to analyse the needs of all user groups. We understand the in-built mechanisms we use to navigate, as well as the constraints of human conditioning. This enables us to produce the most effective solution possible. We avoid disorientation and confusion to achieve success at wayfinding.