Masson Seeley has established a firm working partnership with The NHS, Private Healthcare, Education, The Environment Agency, Housing Associations and various Government facilities. We are a recognised industry leader with our ongoing ambition & expertise in providing bespoke signs and wayfinding solutions to these groups.

We continue to design fresh and innovative Wayfinding concepts. We've been doing this for more than 40 years of our 99 year history. We offer the same high level consultancy advice and service to all, no matter the scale of the work.


Our personnel is structured into areas of responsibility that benefit the customer. The administration team will be the initial point of contact and may be able to offer immediate assistance. You may be referred to one of our specialists depending on the nature of the enquiry. The areas of specialisation available are:

  • Estimates and Quotations

  • Purchase and Sales Ledger Accounts

  • Technical Support

  • Information Technology

  • Design and Drawing

  • Project Management & Consultation (available for sales calls and surveys) 

  • Sales Support & Customer Services

The remaining personnel are supporting the above team with:

  • Marketing analysis and Product sourcing

  • In house Manufacture of signage, implementing extensive production facilities

  • Stock Control

  • Packing and despatch

  • Company owned Installation crews

  • Quality Control

All design and manufacturing records kept are customer based so that we are able to assist in the choice of product, based on previous experience and to ensure that all sign designs will match when required. Please read our Privacy Policy Document which define how the records are used.